Status of life: Simple

What is life? Why is it so mean? How should I deal with it?


Transform your fears into motivation

How to deal with fear? Is fear useful to us?

In some cases and only if you take it in a positive way.

  • The fear of failing in the exams motivates you to study well.
  • The fear of falling ill prevents you from practising unhealthy eating habits.
  • The fear of law and order makes you stay away from criminal activities.
  • The fear of being unsuccessful drives you to work hard towards your goal.
  • The fear of becoming an obsese encourages you to exercise everyday.
  • The fear of losing a dear one can help you save your relationship.
  • The fear of karma (if you believe in it) enables you to choose the right path in your life.
  • The fear of being looked down upon makes you humble.
  • The fear of becoming bankrupt saves you from excessive and unnecessary expenditures.
  • The fear of running out of time helps you to value your time and enjoy your life.

Everything has its own pros and cons. Also, there is a limit for everything. We need to choose what we need and let go of unnecessary things.

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Nature has all the remedies!!

Now that I am becoming wise and all😋 which is by the way evident through the wisdom teeth, the other 28 teeth which have been there since long ago do not seem very happy about it 🙄 and are fighting for their seniority😑

The pain is agonising😭 and I do not prefer taking tablets unless it is the only way out. Also, relying on tablets is not good for our health as it reduces our immunity power.

Finally today I Googled some home remedies and found a list of things that could relieve pain 👇

Warm salt water rinse, clove, onion, cucumber slices, tea bags, guava leaves, baking soda paste, etc.

Then I picked up the easiest, warm salt water rinsing. The result was amazing, whole day there was no pain at all😱 It was troubling me from past fifteen days and now it was gone!!!

See, everything listed there is included in our day to day diet. All the items are available in our kitchen or in the garden. These are natural and do not have any side effects unlike the medicines we get in medical stores outside which are detrimental to our health. Those medicines provide instant relief and that is why we prefer it. But any illness should be cured to the core, it should occur again. Do not depend on tablets.

Nature has answer to everything. We need to keep calm and look around.

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Recently, I had been to few Yakshagaana shows and from then on I have been wanting to write about it.

It was a fantastic experience watching the show that began from around 8pm and lasted till morning. The show was conducted during winter season in tent with various snacks and steaming coffee being available outside. So let me give a brief note on Yakshagaana.

Earlier in various parts of India, when there were no televisions or theatres, various kind of folk entertainment activities were born. One such folk theatre form that evovled in Karnataka is Yakshagaana.

Yakshagaana is basically a story being narrated in the form of a play using the combination of music and dance. It involves all genres like comedy, drama, thriller, romance, etc.

Yakshagaana shows are carried on from dusk to dawn in open grounds or tents. The play can be inspired from any mythological or other folk stories. The team moves from one place to another and conducts the shows.

This is the yakshagaana team. The one who narrates the story is called Bhaagavata. He is accompanied by two other musicians.

With the advent of movies, serials, reality shows and now recently web series, such folk entertainments are losing their significance. Probably the next generation can know about these only from Google.

But these must be encouraged. The stories narrated here have morals and lessons that must be learnt and followed in life. It is we who need to preserve our age old cultural activities.

If you guys reading this get a chance, do watch Yakshagaana shows. Now they are available online also.

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This morning I came across this post by Joshtalklive, a page on Instagram.

screenshot_20181025-132511_1_1.jpgOn reading this I felt like the luckiest person on Earth. Like me, a huge number of others are also lucky. But instead of being grateful we often feel depressed for trivial issues.

People who take their life on failing an exam or because of heartbreak or losing a job or any other such problems need to just take two seconds and think if their step is worth it??

Health is the biggest gift any human being can have, all other things are bonus. A healthy person can achieve anything. Like it is said, “a sound mind in a sound body”.

So take good care of your health, both physical and mental!!!

Abusing Verbally😑

What to do when verbally abused??

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Straight answer would be:

In such situations keep calm, be quiet and try to understand the abuser’s psychology. If you react, the offenders will be happy to know that their words are working on you. But if you are unmoved, it will definitely annoy them.

Why make our offenders happy??

Disclaimer: Reading this will take a while!!!

When a person is offending you with words, instead of worrying or feeling sad for yourself, try to find out,

1. What actually is that person’s problem??

2. Why he/she wants you to feel bad??

3. What will he/she gain from this kind of behaviour??

4. Does his/her words actually make any difference in your life??

Each one of us experience this barrage of criticism “atleast” once in our lifetime.

So why do people verbally abuse someone?

It is because,

  1. He/she or his/her children are not like you and can never be like you. This is nothing but comparing .
  2. In the deepest corner of their heart they are jealous of you. To be frank, I find it ridiculous!!!!. Its fine they are jealous, but atleast they can keep it to themselves right??!!! By expressing it they are losing their own value and they don’t even realise that.
  3. They find a kind of pleasure by undermining others. This can be called sadism.
  4. They have an inferiority complex. To hide that, they try to belittle others.

This answers the above three questions. And the answer to that fourth question:

Those who criticise you are infact making you perfect. How??

When someone points out our imperfections we become conscious and prepare ourselves in such a way, that no one is able to criticise us.

In this way, the one who verbally abuses is always busy in pointing out others’ imperfections whereas he/she will never be able to correct themselves. So, the victim is improving with every abuse and the offender forever stays in the same position.

Thanks for reading!!!

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Being happy is a choice😊

In today’s world each one of us, from a school going kid to a seventy year old person has one or the other kind of problem. No one is an exception. Be it academics, career, financial, relationships or health. There is a reason for misery in each and everyone’s life. And these kind of problems will exist at all times in our life.